Nonwoven Technologies for Diverse Applications


A Global Pioneer in Nonwoven Fabrics

To usher in the next generation of innovative nonwoven fabrics, Fiberweb® continues to invest heavily in polymer research and application development.  

The R&D facility, located in Old Hickory, TN, is equipped with the latest advancements in extrusion, fiber spinning and web forming technology.  The 35,000 square foot facility is home to Fiberweb’s new, highly versatile pilot line that is rooted in the unique Reemay® and Typar® technologies.  The pilot line is capable of spinning multiple polymers, bicomponent fibers and creating multi-layer functional composites to meet the demands of tomorrow's applications.

Germany also boasts a state-of-the art Fiberweb R&D and manufacturing center located in Peine.  The facility accommodates the Reicofil product pilot line as well as a leading-edge laboratory equipped to develop specialty products to meet the needs of the technical nonwoven and medical markets. The R&D team has the capabilities to run trials from polymer to conception to possible fabric treatment options and develop any technical nonwoven to meet customized needs.  

Tomorrow’s Nonwoven Technology

Fiberweb has already demonstrated how the R&D facility will open the door for new nonwoven technologies. Ongoing projects include the exploration of newer, more sustainable materials such as Polylactic Acid (PLA), advancements in water purification and filtration products, and the commercialization of next-generation polymer systems and composite materials.


Fiberweb can scale-up production of industrial and consumer fabrics to meet virtually any project demand. The R&D facilities were designed as flexible assets that can  make small batch production an efficient and cost-effective option for product prototypes, clinical research trials and customer processing trials.  This commitment to research and development enhances Fiberweb’s ability to produce a wide range of high performance, specialty fabrics engineered for unique applications.