Nonwoven Technologies for Diverse Applications

Fiberweb Pointbond Polypropylene

The characteristics and performance of Fiberweb® Pointbond Polypropylene nonwovens can be optimized to suit specific needs through the use of different fiber deniers and types.


Fiberweb Pointbond Polypropylene Advantages 

  • Physical characteristics  Fiberweb Pointbond Polypropylene nonwovens have high strength-to-weight ratios, with a high tensile energy absorbency. They also have excellent drainage and permeability properties. Wet or dry, polypropylene nonwovens maintain their physical properties. These nonwovens are perfectly suited for when a softer, more pliable hand is required.
  • Finishing options  Polypropylene nonwovens can be slit and die-cut, and they are thermally and ultrasonically sealable. Finishing options include UV resistance, flame retardants, and antistatic and antibacterial qualities.