Nonwoven Technologies for Diverse Applications

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What is a Nonwoven?

learning about nonwovensA nonwoven is a fabric made from synthetic and/or natural fibers that uses a bonding process other than weaving to hold the fabric together. Nonwoven fabrics are commonly referred to as “webs” due to the random intersecting patterns that occur as a result of the bonding process.


Nonwoven fabrics are used in nearly every industry and can be engineered for enhanced performance in areas such as strength, absorbency, elasticity, breathability and shock absorption.


The Nonwoven Process

Unlike many fabrics, nonwovens are not limited by the physical characteristics of their source fabric. The nonwoven web forming and bonding process plays a major role in determining the performance and functionality of the final engineered fabric.


Fiberweb® Technical Nonwovens has created an overview to help you understand key steps in the nonwoven process:

  • Fiber Selection
  • Web Forming
  • Bonding
  • Finishing


Learn more about the nonwoven selection process in Choosing the Right Nonwoven.