Nonwoven Technologies for Diverse Applications
industrial speciality

Industrial Specialties

At Fiberweb® we recognize and appreciate that every specialty application is different, which is why we offer tailored engineered solutions to help our customers develop leading-edge product designs.  This customized approach ensures our customers stay in the forefront of their industries, providing superior and lasting value to the markets they serve.  Fiberweb's innovative treatment applications and structuring of materials provides the performance capability to meet an array of demands.


Fiberweb Technical Nonwoven fabrics are used in many specialty applications. End products that have customized requirements, such as dryer sheets, color run prevention products and ropes.  A small cross-section of markets served includes:

  • Chemical
  • HVAC
  • Military
  • Musical instruments
  • Scientific equipment
  • Sports equipment

Fiberweb nonwovens are versatile and strong.  We utilize our wide portfolio of nonwoven technologies and polymers to create the right functionality and efficiency for our customers’ needs.  Whether strength, stiffness, softness, chemical resistance or a host of other requirements are critical, our technical experts will help you find the best solution.

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Fiberweb has the technical capabilities and expertise to develop new nonwovens to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us for more information.